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Using Mobile Only sites on desktop

Well, it's fairly simple, really: you want to access your favorite social network and it doesn't allow you to do something at your desktop. It's really that ridiculous: the fully fledged computer at your home can't certain things only allowed to your goddamit mobile phone with processing power worth a potato. No problem, we got you covered.

The actual trickery

In just any browser (at least Firefox or Chromium, the browsers that matter) you can just hit F12 and look for the following icon:

On Firefox, if you want, you can hit “Ctrl + Shift + M” (Chromium and Chrome opens the stupid login box with this shortcut) and you go directly to responsive layout mode. Be sure to select a device (go to the “Responsive” dropdown and select, let's say, iPhone 7). You should get something like this:

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