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Firefox restore SSL greenbar

EDIT: Damned Mozilla killed it once again. I don't understand why they force those changes. This article seems to be useless, for now

Okay, that's a simple one. Back when SSL were a rare feature, it got highlighted. As it's now nearly a mandatory feature, the icon got grey. But they also had done away with the feature that showed the company to which the certificate was issued to, something characteristic to the so called “Greenbar SSL” certificates (officially known as Extended Validation Certificate), used by several sensitive services like banks, online wallets etc.

Call me paranoid, but I always do check for the SSL certificate when browsing sites like eBay and PayPal. Restoring the name of the SSL issued-to party to the address bar is quick way to check it up.

Go to about:config and search for: security.identityblock.show_extended_validation. Then you can re-enable it by setting it to true.

If you do like to have it green again, set security.secure_connection_icon_color_gray to false.


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